What’s so cool about the Lenovo K900?

So this is the step up (and quite a step up it is) to the Intel YOLO. It has an Intel Atom Dual-core 2Ghz processor and a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor.

Back view

Back view

It’s sleek! Super light. From the faux brushed metal exterior, the tiny rivets on the back cover (no taking out the battery and no SD card business either it comes in with internal memory of 16GB or 32GB, take your pick) that match the Lenovo logo engraved on the back to the neat Micro SIM slot on the side. This phone is sleek.

The packaging redefines cool – Black box with a red interior that which peeks through the etched out K900) logo. Too cool.
This phone. Is sleek.

This box redefines cool

This box redefines cool

What needs work?

1. The OS.

Android contact manager keeps crashing

Annoying especially because it every time you use messaging, it crashes. It also brings up the error message when you use the phone log, contacts, Hangouts, Whatsapp, and Telegram. I assume it will do this for all messaging apps.

Lenovo - crash screen

The crash screen

At 6.7” (hull, display is 5.5) this phone is actually a mini-tablet with phone capabilities. A phablet.
At 162g this phablet is superlight.

I am in love with the 13MP camera with its dual led flash. The split second autofocus and continuous shoot turned out to be an invaluable feature during a 7-hour event that I was live-tweeting. It meant that I could capture the targets while they were still doing what I wanted to capture, instead of a blur of the person who moved just when I finally focused. (That’s my other phone, story for another day)

The front 2MP Camera had me taking some pretty cute selfies (in good light of course as it has no flash).

The 2GB RAM makes for some awesome performance. I can do stuff on the K900 that I normally wouldn’t be able to – like Skype, a very resource heavy app, which came pre installed by the way.

What needs work?

1. The OS.

Android contact manager keeps crashing

Annoying especially because it every time you use messaging, it crashes. It also brings up the error message when you use the phone log, contacts, Hangouts, Whatsapp, and Telegram. I assume it will do this for all messaging apps.

2. Battery

Not impressed. At 2600 mAH it’s clearly Bigger than my other phone’s 2100mAH . But, with the K900 I always seem to run out of juice during the day. Also, would it kill them to provide a power backup

3. Welcome screen

Really? Was there not a designer in the vicinity?

4. Usability
I have a few objections here.

The icons are customized (read different). It took me a while to get used to.
This is not helped by the new android settings interface. After 1 month of use I still have no idea where the battery settings are. I gave up and got an app to manage battery use.

5. Naming of system apps

OK I know we want to be unique, but it took me a while to find the camera (named Super Camera) and the gallery (named Super Gallery). The phone has no camera button.

6. Size
While the phablet is superlight, it’s not very comfortable to text with for long periods. Especially lying down. It has a 5.5” display but the actual phone is almost 7”.

7. Accessories
These could use some work. The charger came apart within the first week of use. I had to patch it up for continued use, then it gave up the ghost in the 4th week.

The earphones could be more ear-friendly.
I would have voted for eardrum earphones. Those are way more comfortable and by way of proximity, noise cancelling 😉 The sound quality of the Lenovo earphones is fine though.
Her Geekyness’ verdict

This phone looks good, it’s superlight, superfast and takes awesome photos. If the manufacturers fix the bugs and improve the accessories, I would say go for it. Especially is you are a social media freak (Instagrammers will love this one)

-her royal geekyness-

A slightly different version was published on UP Magazine (Print Version)

Have you tried the phone? Share your experience in the comments section.

The Acer Iconia W5

This compact hybrid laptop/tablet runs Windows 8 on an a Intel Atom, Z2760 / 1.8 GHz dual-core processor.


The Unboxing

The very unboxing of this tablet/laptop is a treat.

The box interior is plush charcoal grey with at least 3 hidden compartments.

I couldn’t hide my delight (I was in the office) as I discovered something new in each secret compartment.


the unboxing

• Secret compartment 1 unleashes the most amazing, soft, faux leather, beige laptop wallet.

• Secret compartment 2 unleashes a Branded screen cleaning cloth with handy quick-start manual booklets. Nice touch :-)

• Secret compartment 3 unleashes a charger, USB extension cable, stylus, and a 6-inch Mini Display port to VGA Adapter Cable for your convenience.

• The tablet and the keyboard are in compartments too, though not hidden





The sleek, matt silver faux metal body design is reminiscent of a MacBook. Actually, the Faux part is so good, I had to read up to discover that it’s not metal. It’s pretty ☺. Both male and female geeks and non-geeks appreciated the design and silver color. A few fell in love with it, but that’s a story for another day ☺.

It’s also small and fits into my small handbag – unlike the rather giant bag I need to carry when toting around my 13” laptop.



The Dual 2-cell 3540mAh batteries promises 8 hours on tablet only and double that on dock. It doesn’t disappoint. The tablet almost made it to 9 hours during use at an event where I was taking photos and posting online, and using Google Chrome browser. On dock (connected to the keyboard it easily goes to 17 plus hours). Needless to say, charging this device is not a top priority for me.

This feature is especially useful for me while travelling. Before you are able to settle, find a power outlet, and possibly an adapter (if you are travelling abroad), you will manage nicely.

Touch pad/Windows 8


pic 7 Windows

Adapting to the Windows 8 interface poses a particular challenge for me as a Mac/Android user. So I enlisted a die-hard Windows 8 user as a co-reviewer for this part.

The Intel Atom processor does not disappoint. Both as a tablet and as a PC, the performance is great and my co-reviewer was able to happily do all their regular office work on the Iconia.

The touchpad I found rather cramped – to be expected on a 10.5” device – Good news is you can touch the screen!

It might be worth it for Microsoft to consider teaching people how to use Windows 8. It’s not intuitive at all. Not even for Windows 7 users.



The 8MP camera on a tablet was a rather exciting concept, until I tried it out. In different lighting and settings. The images kept coming out rather grainy or fuzzy. The front 2MP camera/webcam is fine for Skyping and doing Hangouts.



Top heavy

I found it a bit top-heavy so when placing it on your lap, one needs to be careful lest it topples over.


Her Geekyness’ Verdict

This tablet/laptop is compact, versatile, beautiful and stays charged for ages. It sounds good when playing music (good enough for a hotel room party) and is pretty fast and responsive.


-her royal geekiness-